Posted by: loggedout | March 11, 2008

WHS Server Data Corruption Bug to be Fixed… in June

So the Windows Home Server team has released a statement informing users of their data destruction device (WHS) that a fix is in internal testing (yay!).

Unfortunately internal testing will require a few more… days? No… Months. June 2008, 7 months after the bug was initially identified.
The WHS Forums are rejoicing with the good news, here’s a choice remark from a happy user

“Now that MS has kinda-sorta “promised” a fix a scant 7 months after the bug’s discovery, let’s lock all the related threads and just pretend all is well.  Now I remember why I hate forums on vendors’ sites:  conflict of interest.

There are only 50-75 people who have had this problem, my {rear end}.  If that were remotely true, the WHS developers wouldn’t be making it their #1 priority.

Seriously, explain to your kids how simply playing files thru Windows Media Player would constitute “editing” because WMP changes the “underlying metadata”.  Want to rotate that picture of Aunt Sally?  Just copy it to your desktop, open it up, rotate it, and then copy it back to the server.  Sheesh.  And these guys think a KB article nearly 3 months later suffices?  Really?  “Hey, kids, be sure to read this article, then initial here that shows you’ll abide by these rules.  It’s called an ‘Acceptable Use Policy’ and it’s kinda like one you may have to sign when you’ve got a job of your own!”

Anyway, enjoy this rant before it disappears like so many files on your Windows Home Shred, er, Server (WHS).

(I was asked to repost this here rather than in the new thread I created.  Sorry for the double post.) ” Bgood2

On another note, the server forums are full of deleted post goodness.



  1. omg.. good work, brother

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