Posted by: loggedout | February 29, 2008

HP’s new UMPC

I’ve been extremelely tempted to get one of ASUS’ EEE PC’s over the last few months, and HP’s new offering has shifted my object of desire.

With an 8.9″ screen, fantastic 1280 res, and a Penryn processor, HP can’t release this one fast enough for me. A little Ubuntu UMPC is most certainly in my future.

Posted by: loggedout | February 28, 2008

WHS Server

So over christmas I decided to build a truly dedicated server for my home (cause I just wasn’t feeling like a big enough nerd, ya know?) and finally decided on Windows Home Server over one of the Linux Distros. The decision primarily came down to the fact that I figured it would require alot less of my time, and would be pretty easy to administer.


So shortly after I get my server up and running, I find this gem. It turns out that their is a bug in Windows Server destroys any file that isn’t copied from windows explorer. No iTunes, No Bittorrent Client, no backups for Time Machine

Oddly enough this bug has persisted since November of last year. It appears the WHS Team is having a tough time teaching WHS to behave.

So, just a fair warning to any poor sod that happens to wander across this site. Get yourself a Linux box, bitch and moan while you struggle to configure it, then never ever have to worry about it destroying files.


Posted by: loggedout | February 28, 2008

ArcGIS 9.3 Enhancements

Looks like the folks at ESRI have some really interesting improvements lined up for ArcGIS 9.3
to be released in April or May.

I’m really looking forward to those Cartographic improvements in the client, as well as the Server REST API.

Posted by: loggedout | February 27, 2008

So it begins.

This should probably be some self serving, yay I learned to sign-up for Word Press type thing right? Well, for the most part I’m not sure what this blog is going to be, what on earth I’m going to say, and for the life of me I can’t understand why I’m doing this.

But here it goes, My Name? not pertinent yet, Locale? South Somewhere. Job.. GIS Guy at Some Company, Status? A Wife and Some Dogs.

More than likely I’ll just comment on news I find interesting, and if anyone does care to read this, I may do it more frequently.

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